Zazil WordPress Theme



The design.

Some web design trends for this year are; color, gradients, a little bit of brutalism, thinking out of the grid and micro-interactions. We put all of that in the mix and voila! Zazil comes to life.

Keep in track with the design trends; your website is the first contact you have with your audience in private, I mean outside the Social Networks, send them the right message. And the message is: you are up to date, trendy and full of positive energy. If your brand matches some of these adjectives, this theme is for your project.

The code.

Of course, none of the above matters if your website is slow or doesn’t look right on mobile devices. That’s why code quality is crucial. Don’t worry, we take care of everything for you. This theme is light, progressive and fast. We make use of WP Rig to code it with the latest standards and Google PageSpeed Insights doesn’t let us lie, our results are up to 95 on mobile and up to 99 on desktop.

The details.

  • Progressive WordPress Theme. We use WP Rig as a foundation for this theme and use the latest web standards; so your project is covered by the community behind WP Rig and for us, of course.
  • Site identity. Just place your logo and site icon and that’s it, this theme is now part of your brand look and feel. If you don’t have a logo yet, you can use this theme without it too.
  • Custom colors. This theme is truly a canvas; pick your colors, mix them and try again if don’t like the results. There are no limits, you can choose 5 different colors and create a theme just for you.
  • Responsive. At this time, all the Internet has to be responsive and yes, this theme is responsive too. Don’t worry again about how to be displayed in the right way on mobile devices.
  • Six months of Premium Support. If you have problems using our themes, just send us a message we are here to help.
  • Features on-demand. If you want some plugin integration, special feature o just have an awesome idea for us to code, send us a message! All feedback is welcome.