Since 2005.

We are a small group of coders and designers creating websites since 2005. We love WordPress, the community, all the features, and all the possibilities. Our clients love WordPress too, but we found a little problem.

Before Gutenberg and still today, WordPress themes started to do more and more stuff, each time bigger, heavier and with all the consequences this has to the final user. Slow time loads, bad performance and much more.

The simpler, the better.

Have you tried to update a website with thousands of pages that depend on a theme? Thousand of shortcodes here a there, incompatible galleries with other plugins and more demons to exorcise. Well, it’s not funny.

So we decide to go back to the basics, fewer shortcodes, more Gutenberg blocks, themes just for display content. The simpler, the better. One theme to create dozens of variations, we don’t believe in that anymore. Dozens of themes until you get the one you need for your project, that’s our approach.

Light and fast.

Misho Studio is the place where all our ideas for a WordPress Theme live, always searching for trendy designs, clean code and easy migration between our themes and all the other alternatives on the Internet.

Support us, buy a theme and get Premium Support; which means more than ten years of experience creating websites ready just for you and your project. Send your feedback too, we need your opinion.